Bege Playground – Senegal – 2013

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Team the team playground has only gone and made it to Senegal. whhooohooo  AFTER Four thousand five hundred miles OF PURE DRIVE-  four blow outs ,new brake pads , new starter motor,  new shocks ( improvised out of found flip flops )  and springs,   blood,  sweat, tears, laughter and sand sand sand  AND MORE SAND and  Ten tons of exciting and  useful materials;  twenty of us cracked on, at a rate of knots, –  in the blazing heat-, against all odds, building -what some neighbors –  who looked over the fence -described as ‘fantastical ‘ – an adventure playground for,  and with,  the local community.

In Ziguinchor,  Southern Senegal they were very excited and keen for our project to take place  as there are no public funds available for this type of play provision .  The schools we visited had nothing but a broken slide.

We chose the Casa Tous Petites as the venue for our playground as the most viable of the three sites though we were keen to put in some work to the second site  -Bege 2.1 .

The Casa Tous Petites is a nursery school for kids 2-5 it is located opposite the Cultural Centre of Ziguinchor on the road to Guinea Bissau it has  large walled grounds either side of the school building  which is a  perfect site for an adventure playground . We could’ nt have been more lucky with the school staff   the Head of the school Mbeye Toure is an exceptional human being;  she was open  to  all our ideas and very supportive from the beginning to the end. Mbeye  was willing to  open the playgroud to local children of all ages which is one of our major requirements that and having children on site joining in the building process in fact her sons became major contributors. As soon as the powers that be approved the designs we were all set to go and launched in head first twenty strong on a clearance.’
We had set ourselves an improbable dead=line of the 21March to complete as it was Iranian New Year and people had to get back to their respective lives .The next two and half weeks were an incredible test


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