Animation Making

Just a few days before we started the journey we were lucky to receive an amount of plasticine as donations, This help us to run model making and animation workshops in Brufut, Gamiba were we already had connections with the kids in the area,
We didn’t have enough time, nor any material, we used screws, nails, and other found material including a bag of skipped Lego.
Despite the fact that it’s almost impossible to have a “quite” session in Brufut -as other kids keep opening the door or climb the windows to join in- we have managed to made a few very short animations. Wish we had more material to occupy the younger ones while the older ones can get on with their work.
Those who have already participated in the fist day were so engaging and as they already knew what is going on they did a better job.
We are hoping to continue these workshops in a more professional way as the potential is there, and it’s clear that with a little bit more time and more material we can make a hell lot better of a movie!!!

Please contact us if you think you can help.



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