Team Playground

 The idea of Team Playground was born   in 2012 in Brufut Gambia during the construction of the Bege 1 Playground as part of the Brufut Education Project. We were building the playground with a great team of people and every now and then would get over excited and shout “team playground”.

We are  dedicated to providing  safe, exciting and  educational play for children of all ages. We aim to give  the opportunity for the kids  to learn, to  create,   to explore,  to challenge themselves and to  play together in a interesting  environment. We are committed to including the children in the building process so they can learn skills and enjoy the end product with the knowledge that they have participated in its creation.

We have already been working with the children of Brufut for the last 3 years, we have a crew of very talented young kids who already have some building skills and a good knowledge of using the tools, we are aiming to train them more and in 5 years time there will be a Gambian playground build crew who will hopefully manage independently from us.

We welcome people to join the build crew and/or run art, craft or sporty workshops .

Alongside the build we run different workshops such as Animation making and Circus skills. We organise regular games and sport days and trips to the beach or other available group activity places such as the monkey park.


2 Responses to Team Playground

  1. Lou gray says:

    Wow!! Xxx

  2. ann linton says:

    Hi my name is Ann,I would really like to give a helping hand to Team Plagroundi

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