donate here

Also You can select pictures from here and we will print it for you for a donation of more than 2 pounds in a Post Card size.

Thanks 🙂

Donators and those who helped:

Eamon kindly helped making a slide and a merry go round.Laurie French donated his sink to make the slide.

Touchwood                                                                                                                                         Mark from TempleCloud ScrapYard,Bristol                                                                         Heywood Playground,London                                                                                                 Barnard Park,London                                                                                                                   Colour Center,Bristol                                                                                                             Burdens,Bristol                                                                                                                              Bristol Bike Project                                                                                                                          Bikes for Africa,London                                                                                                                 Saint Philips ScrapYard,Bristol

And many of our friends and family members who kindly donated material, money and/or their time.


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