Pay Pal transfers can be sent to:

or follow the link:

Donators and those who helped:

Islington Play Association : Martin Luther King adventure playground housed the Winter Wonerland timber during the collection time.Lumpy Hill generously  hosted the container load and a space for the  donations.

Dragon Smoke Construction for the paint

Mikey Tripp : vital mechanics and tool donation

IRD Albehd, Tekno Kombat and Berserk Sound Systems for hosting the benefits.

Jimmy and the Nomadic Garden Crew

Lads Collective and the Britannia Row Crew

Nadine and the Bristol Crew and St Pauls Adventure Playground.

Touchwood, Mark from TempleCloud, ScrapYard Bristol, Haywood Playground London, Barnard Park London, Colour Center Bristol,  Burdens Bristol, Bristol Bike Project, Bikes for Africa London and Saint Philips ScrapYard Bristol.

And many of our friends and family members who kindly donated materials, money and/or their time.

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