Black Star Caravan

2019 THE YEAR OF THE EPIC JOURNEY – 21 CRAZY PEOPLE IN 7 MARVELLOUS TRUCKS + A DOG ….. C O N V O Y …… from five different countries, a raggle taggle gang of artists, musicians, mechanics and freaks  all intrepid travellers-  with sound system, ideas and enthusiasm, congregate in Casablanca bound for Guinnea Bissau Carnival with all the ingredients of an exciting voyage.

“It’s not the destination – it’s the glory of the ride” – in this case it was both. The journey with all its quirks and foibles,  breakdowns and getting stuck in the sand,  police stops  and harrowing moments  …… the sublime scenery, the incredible desertscapes, the wonderful DIY party in a wild setting where we gathered more peeps for the convoy. The navigation .. and the amazing family.. food and fun. Each truck had a name and a gang we would meet in the night at exciting locations including hotsprings where we parked in an actual wagon circle.

After border hoohaa from Mauritania to Senegal  – things changed and the convoy was forced to split in Louga with a plan to meet to Carnival in Guinea Bissau…. Lucy,Campo Italiano, Banter, Sprintacelli, and Catallonatic  went straight to Zig whilst WeshWesh and Big Red had to hot foot to Gambia to sort out the container and fix the front brakes of Big Red…

Fast Forward to Bissau joined by a large gang of  performing friends and funsters from UK  we pulled together an amazing day of workshops where hundreds of young people experienced all manner of creative  …… in between times the crew had a big HQ and Rob and gang spent enormous amounts of time and energy sorting out pitches and liscence for our stage… having met Steven with a big ole truck who was keen to join, we were able to create an impressive stage setting between his truck and Big Red with a fab stage which went up fast and efficiently  – all hands on deck the IRD doing what they do best.

Each night was a feast for the senses.  The days were equally exciting…The Brazilian crew led by Catte did some incredible performance  very inclusive for the young people involving all coloured paints…  There was face painting  by the Nixens, Hairspraying curtesy of Punk Cath, circus workshops galore including  Avi;s ariel feats, Nets were a highlight for the local kids … our location was next to a dance hall themed old school bumper cars.. High Rise Rubber took to the streets in what was one of their deepest moments – totally blown away by the reaction and fierce energy .

In the evening the live acts consisted Jelly Kebber Cora virtuoso… a fab band from Dakar. My bad Sister had a set and all in all it was a wild affair with untold dancing on Big Red so the sleeping occupants of the bed were thrown into the air…. DJs  and Composers  Mickaya…Raf …filled the balmy nights with their hypnotic beats and there was no sleep til monday am ! the Blancos definately made their mark and we left quick sharp  after Ganessry from Pa Jouf wowed us with her fabulous dance and we all took to the back of Banter through the streets sounds on the back  having it large ……….