Bege Playground – Gambia – 2012

Team playground was setup in 2012 to build playgrounds in Africa alongside local people with specific view to include children, we built the Bege Playground in Brufut Gambia in January February 2012 with a group of international volunteers and the children of brufut who worked with contentiousness , patience and keenness to learn . the playground is now used on a dally basic by many children to have the opportunity to explore play create and enjoy in different ways than before.


1 Response to Bege Playground – Gambia – 2012

  1. Queen Irena-Sambou says:

    This is a fantastic Bege playground is just everything to so many in Brufut. What great works!!!
    I am hoping to visit when I return to Gabia in November 2019. Much love.
    Queen Irena-Sambou

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