International woman day

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2012 Brufut Gambia  –  a rowdy procession with beautiful banners followed by a grand gathering of Mandinka, Fuller and   Jola women on the playing fields with international music and food; the african food was cooked by the local lads . Then films and a huge roaring fire with marvellous dancing and singing.

2013 Ziguinchor Senegal   –  a joyous rowdy procession  of women on feet  chanting “Gegen”  down the main street towards the statue of        who emancipated the Senegalese from the French. We were joined by the canter  -a pick up flat bed – fully kitted out with sound system and generator and proceeded to  drive about picking up people, dancing in the street . We had woman up to seventy on there.

2014 Brufut Gambia  – another joyous, fun rowdy procession with kids young people men women and banners round the town meeting up with marching band  from Brufut secondary school and culminating in a big ole manifestation on the playing fields with a football match played by the girls. followed by an extreme dance off. and roaring fire.

2015  Brufut Gambia  – we hope to up the ante with  grand celebration of International Womens Day with Gamcotrap, the Gambian women and children rights organisation,  doing some workshops.

One billion rising

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