BEGE 5 @ Time For Change Gunjur

When we arrived in Gambia in March 2020, we were put into an Isolation hotel for 2 weeks where we met a man who Vic had been in Tulsa with many moons ago. Michael and three Gambian Brothers Moto, Sado and Babaka and have a project called Time for Change in Gunjur. They hope to do many audio and visual projects with young people; but first decided to go for the basics and built a community well ,which everyone in the village contributed to, and also a bakery. We had ample opportunity to meet him and discuss tactics. We created a union between Team Playground and Time for Change.

After we left the isolation hotel we attained a Memorandum of Underdstanding between us the Ministry of Education and subsequently released the container which contained a job lot of timber kindly donated by Winter Wonderland.. and untold other amazing donated materials which were driven to Gunjur and Njau respectfully.

We- Abi, Culture, Skelly and Bass from Brufut and Biggins and Vic from UK – then spent three weeks working alonside this wonderful community building and painting an adventure playround with multiple climbing and swinging features. A grand opening featuring music and dancing competions made for a great community introduction and liasion.

We hope to continue this new Union with Time for Change long into the future.