Constitution  of the Team Playground

a not for  profit organisation

        1. Team Playground, Uk, Gambia, Senegal Association

P.M.B 841


The Gambia

West Africa

312 7563

  1.   Legal status of the organisation
    1. 2.1.The Team Playground foundation shall be a distinct and separate legal entity with the power to acquire, hold and alienate property of any kind and with the power to acquire rights and incur obligations and having perpetual succession.
    1. 2.2.Any action suit proceeding or arbitration shall be brought by or against the foundation in its own name.
  1.   Non profit making status
    1. 3.1. The foundation is not formed or does not exist  for the purpose of carrying on any business that has as its object in making or gain or profit.
    1. 3.2. The income and assets of the foundation shall be applied solely to the promotion for which it is established.

No part of the income or assets of the foundation shall be paid directly or indirectly by way of dividend to any person or organisation.

4.    Objectives

    1. 3.1.To promote free play which is child centred and child led in accordance with Article 31 UN Convention of the Rights of the Child that : Every child has a right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.
    1. 3.2.To build and maintain  playgrounds for and with young people out of recycled and donated materials for the purpose of free play to promote good physical and emotional health, equality, empowerment  and self confidence.
    1. 3.3.To compliment efforts of the Gambia government and other organisations in addressing some domestic contraints and traditional restrictions and practices and increase personal awareness of people in local communities. Encouraging play and play provision for the youth especially female children.
    1. 3.4.To promote the welfare of children and embark on campaigns to increase their involvement in sport play and acquisition of skills.
    1. 3.5.Undertake activities aimed at poverty reduction / alleviation, and to do all such things as maybe necessary to advance the living conditions of the disadvantaged members of communities where the foundation is operating.
    1. 3.6.To encourage and mobilise parents to encourage their children to get involved in sport and play.
    1. 3.7.To provide recreational activities and encourage and support children and youth to undertake sport activities.
    1. 3.8.To provide charitable services in the Gambia and to seek donations or raise monies /finances in the Gambia and Europe for the implementation of the objectives of the foundation in the Gambia.
    1. 3.4. To promote and encourage cooperation between the foundation and similar organisations all over the world in serving the objectives of the foundation and by working together to implement projects and programmes.
    1. 3.5. To build a youth and skill  centre which provides arts /crafts workshop space, space for games and circus, multi- skilled training, family planning, and positive role models for equality and justice.
    1. 3.6. To provide transportation by truck, taxi, boats and bush taxi which will  facilitate trips and provide finance for the project.
    1. 3.7.Organise and put on events promoting music, culture, free speech and equality.
    1. 3.8.To sponsor both female and male football teams and organise tournaments between different communities.
    1. 3.9.  To start up a cricket team and national league. Promotion of youth cricket for both girls and boys and link with other teams.
    1. 3.10.To facilitate ethical tailoring and make clothes to provide finance for the project.
    1. 3.11. To plant trees and harvest Maringa
    1. 3.12.To promote recycling and good environmental practice.
    1. 3.13. To promote healthy eating.
    1. 3.14.To undertake such other activities and programmes as are consistent with the goals, objectives and purpose of the foundation and to do all or any of the objectives herein set forth as principle, agent or otherwise alone or in partnership with others.
    1. 3.15.To exercise and enjoy all the powers, rights and privileges for which the foundation shall be entitled under the laws of the Gambia.

5 Composition of the Executive Committee

    1. 3.1.The Executive Committee of the foundation shall comprise of the following members:
  1. President Victoria Doggart
  2. Secretary James Banton
  3. Treasurer Nuha Ceesay
  4. member Abi Samba
  5. member Sheriff Bojang
  1. Functions of the Executive Committee (EC)


EC shall be responsible for the overall planning and its policy formulation of the foundation and shall conduct meetings and the decisions relating to the smooth running of the foundation

    1. 6.2.EC shall be responsible for the safeguarding of all the finance and property of the foundation; it shall enter into negotiations and raise funds for and behalf of the foundation .
    2. 6.3.  The EC shall invest in and can deal with any monies of the foundation not immediately required for purposes of fulfilling the objectives of the foundation.
    1. 6.4. To solicit and procure sponsorships, aid, grants, or other financial assistance from individuals institutions, govt agencies or any other entity.
    1. 6.5.To rent or acquire  moveable or immoveable property to benefit the foundation and to advance its objectives.
    1. 6.6. To assist the president or co-ordinator of the foundation to undertake the day to day management and administration of the foundation.
    1. 6.7. To appoint such committees as may be necessary to enable it to carry out specific task or carry out its objectives.
    1. 6.8.To engage such staff as may be desirable or necessary to enable it to carry out specific task or carry out its objectives.To do any and all such things as may be necessary to achieve the objectives of the foundation.
    1. 6.9.Members of the executive committee may be terminated on the application of a member of the Executive committee or by a decision of the meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.1 The president of the Foundation shall cause an ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee to be convened at least once per calendar year.

    1. 7.2.The president shall when so instructed in writing by a majority of the members of the Executive Committee, cause a special meeting of the Executive Committee to be convened.
    1. 7.3.Notice of an ordinary or special meeting of the Executive Committee shall be in writing, specifying the time, place and business to be conducted at the meeting not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting.
    1. 7.4.The president shall preside over the meeting of the Foundation’s Executive Committee and in his absence the meeting shall be chaired by the 1st president and in his absence  the secretary.
    1. 7.5.Subject to approval, the president may invite any person to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee and take part in its deliberations but such person may not be entitled to vote.\the minimum at any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be three (3)  members present at any meeting convened.8.Co-ordinator of the Foundation.
    1. 7.1.There shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, a co-ordinator for the foundation.
    2. 7.2.The co-ordinator shall be responsible for the effective administration of the foundation including :
    • Day to day management of all the programmes of the foundation with the cost affective and efficient utilisation of human, financial, and material resource.
    • Negotiating with donors for the acquisition of the resources for the foundation.
    • Overseeing the recruitment, selection and performance of the other staff of the foundation.
    • Recommendation of appointment of other staff for the foundation.

8.3: The executive committee may at any given time request the attendance of the Co-ordinator at its meetings to report on progress in the achievement of the foundation.

8.4: The Executive Committee shall determine policy for the foundation as relevant and applicable and instruct the Co-ordinator to use her/his discretion.

9.   Board of Advisers

    1. 7.1.The Foundation shall have a board of advisers as follows :
  • Sulayman Kolley
  • Isatou Ceesay
  • Naffe Sanang
  • Lamin Bojang
  • Nday Touray
  • Matilda wild

9.2: The Board of Advisers shall provide such advice and guidance on policies of the Foundation as may be requested by the Executive Committee and or the Co-ordinator.

9.3: The board of Advisors shall give proposals, recommendations and guidelines for the smooth implementation of the aims and objectives of the foundation.

9.4: Membership of the board shall be for the lifetime of the member . However, membership shall cease upon resignation of the such member or the removal of such member by the executive committee.

9.5: The Executive Committee shall from time to time brief and consult the members of the board of advisors on the policies, projects and overall activities of the foundation.

9.6: The board of advisors shall meet at least once in every calendar year.

  1. 10.Finance:

10.1: The income, funds or resources of the foundation shall be derived from donations and /or sponsorship from members, non-members, governmental organisations as well as individual philanthropists. Any income from project business of transport, tourism, tailoring and any other revenue stream will be used to pay for costs and project workers salaries. 

10.2: All monies received by or on behalf of the foundation shall  in the first instance be paid into such bank accounts as the executive Committee shall from time to time open and operate on behalf of the foundation.

10.3: Full and proper accounts shall be kept in respect of all transactions involving the receipt and expenditure of money and the acquisition of property.

10.4: There shall be two (2) signatories to all bank accounts of the foundation; which shall be determined by the executive Committee.

10.5: The financial year of the foundation shall be from April 1st to March 31 each year.

11 Amendments to the constitution :

11.1: The EC may, by resolution passed at a meeting of the foundation, amend any provision of this constitution.

11.2: Such resolution shall be passed by at least half of the members of the EC present at such meetings.

12. Dissolution:

12.1: The foundation shall cease to operate if at least three quarters of the members of the EC decide that it is to  be dissolved.

12.2: In the (unlikely )  event of dissolution; the assets of the foundation remaining  after the discharge of the liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable organisation with similar objectives.

13. Contact person in case of emergency:

13 .1  In cases of emergency, the person to contact is :

Vic Doggart tel: 0044 (0)7815073229

                          00220 288 1696 /  3127563

Team Playground


President- Victoria Doggart

69 Charles Rowan House

Merlin Street  London UK


0044 (0) 781 5073229


Secretary- James Banton

115 Corstletts Avenue

  Horsham West Sussex

RH 12 3NY  UK

0044 (0)7931 845890

Treasurer- Nuha Ceesay

P.M.B. 841

Brusubi The Gambia

West Africa

00220312 7563

Member- Abi Sambou

P.M.B 841


The Gambia

West Africa

Member Nday Touray

Casa Tous Petite



West Africa

member Sheriff Kebbe

Casa Tous Petites



Member- Sheriff Bojang

P.M.B. 841


The Gambia

West Africa

00220 735 7969

Matilda Wild

42 Charles Rowan House

Merlin Street