We are going back again this March..2015..

We are excited to announce our friends from image001 have kindly donated this:           IMG_4316

and a few more play structures which we need to ship to Gambia to put in place.


The first wooden climbing  structure in the Bege 1playground  that we built with the young people in Brufut has been the victim of Brutal termite action. Last year we patched it up with a “wattle and daub”  substance that we created out of concrete and coconut hair. This seemed to work well for awhile;  however,  now it has been struck again and a year on it needs to be demolished and  we will have  make a new one.



We are planning to install  some metal  goal posts on the football pitch near the school. We will dedicate these to the  memory of one of our young  friends who has  sadly died. She was an incredible team player, taking an active part in the building of the playgrounds from the beginning, and being a keen and talented player in the girls football team . It s a great loss for the community. The football pitch is very well used by young and old people alike.  The current goal posts are of a make-shift nature; usually of bamboo or another branch .The metal workers are situated under the mango tree by the playing field.

We will go to Senegal – to Ziguinchor to maintain the second playground  the Bege2 that we built  in February 2013. On the whole,  that was a strong build . W worried about the damage the termites might have done now 2 seasons on and we wait with baited breadth to discover what lies ahead.

We fully intend to install a play worker so that the playground can be opened to local young people. When we built Bege2, which is in a nursery school,  we were adamant that it was to be used by the local  young people as well as the school kids 2-5. there is a night watchman there who looks after the playground at night , but in order for it to work it needs a playworker. we have raised some small funds last year to put this in place  for  a few months; but we need:  £60 a month and the playground can be open access for the local community.

We also put some features in a second playground which needs an inspection – a slide, a sound-about and some swings.

Each year we have been putting on an International Women’s day event and we plan to do one this year.

Any Donations towards the container and other build costs will be more than welcome 🙂

During  a reccee in December, we met a man who is the coordinator of French programme @ Ministry of Secondary and basic education. He is building a school in Dimbaye. It is in Gambia near the Senegalese border and has only a nursery school . The children have to walk five miles, across the border  and into another country  to go to school. They have been given the land by the elders to build a school.

We urgently need tables, chairs, books and any other school materials. We hope to build some play structures here too.

Please contact us if you know of any schools being refurbished and are therefore throwing out resources.

Just to give you heads up, sending one barrel to Gambia will cost us 200 pounds, in which we can put our heavy tools and equipment such as chain to make swings (ropes disintegrate in the sun), nuts and bolts and screws and power tools plus pens and pencils and any other useful stuff we get donated for schools.


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